About Astrology

Astro. Anshul Sharma

As a matter of fact astrology is a consisting science/art —— pure mathematics calculations. A deep ocean of knowledge, where accurate predictions of favourable/unfavourable stars are ascertained.

Vedic astrology is the backbone of hindu science. The knowledge of vedic astrology is inherited from my grand father late Pt. Jai Krishan Sharma.

Who was a renowned astrologer to raja of bilaspur estate. Later on bilaspur estate emerged in Himachal Pradesh (INDIA). Astrology runs in my blood, learning astrology from my grandfather. I adopted this profession —– I can say that, astrology is my sixth sense.

Power of Astrology

1. Awareness of incoming future.

2. The power of Vedic astrology is teach about the lesson of past karma.

3. Vedic astrology is the base of the real science.

4. Astrology is the first way of any kind of karma and treatment.

5. Astrology has a big power of vision future and unbeliever treatment method.

CAN YOU HEAL THE STRESS………………………………………???

I have a very great powerful systematical formula to heal your all type of problems with the help of Vedic astrology and bless of Lord Shiva. This type of method is not mine. This kind of method is very old come out from vaida and developed by maharishi vasistha and guru sukracharya (bhrigu). This method is yantra. Not normal yantra ‘s. this kind of yantra kit able to heal your navgreh problem with in some minutes. This is very powerful method and taking short time for you and giving positive energy to full time according to your natal chart dasha. After yantra you have no need to do other type of methods. Like Tantra. Our team or research is based upon to mantra and yantra. We can’t use tantra. Because this type mehod is very not vegetarian. If you wanna use tantra plz going to another site. Our site is totally based upon vedic astrological research.