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Our product is based on the all Hindu religion and vaidas

We are always trying to specified astrological solution of the every type of day to-day problems. So that I have find the solution of the daily life problems. The key of the solution is yantra. The yantra is a fastest solution in astrology to healing a problem. I have (9) nine type of following yantra’s for 9 planets :-


Surya (sun) Yantra Kit


Chandra (Moon) Yantra Kit


Bhom (Mars) Yantra Kit


Budh (Mercury) Yantra Kit


Guru (Jupiter) Yantra Kit


Shukra (Venus) Yantra Kit


Shani (Saturn) Yantra Kit


Rahu (Dragon Head) Yantra Kit


Ketu (Dragon Tale) Yantra Kit


The above mention yantra’s will be prescribed by me after examining the natal chart (kundli) point of view wherein all details is required like date of birth/accurate time and place of birth in India and abroad. Send me these details on Then i prescribed you the suitable product for you. Click Here Contact Me

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