Astrology is the science behind the reality of matters


Everyone wants to reality, everyone wants to speed, everyone wants to money, everyone wants to peace and everyone wants to successful life.

But you know that how can manage lots of demands and lots of hope in our life. I think these words of line are not under the human. These term only the hand of God.

Nowadays, astrology is the neglected science. Scorned by many as “beyond the bounds of rational thought” it is treated as something of a diversion even by many astrologers, afraid of claiming.




Vedic Astrology is the most ancient science of our world, held in the highest respect for thousands of years until our modern material science decreed anything which could not be measured physically was false.

Astrology has always gone hand in hand with a sophisticated astronomy, depending entirely on the precise astronomical positions of the planets to produce a horoscope. The physical and metaphysical, the material and spiritual, are simply the two sides of all creation. As we are body and spirit united in life. The ancients discovered this over many millennia, we ignore it at our peril.

This arrogance and prejudice has condemned us to live in a world where our spiritual life is discounted and materialism is everything. We are desperately the poorer for it and in mortal danger of a world spinning out of control in too many directions at once. Even where spiritual values are paramount, it is often at the cost of rational balance.

This is the price we must pay for abandoning the wisdom, the insight, of our forefathers, and the knowledge of the greatest of the ancients. The scorn borne by Astrology today discounts the many serious modern astrologers who have studied it and recognized the power of these subtle forces, even if they are too subtle to interpret precisely. But we equally dismiss virtually all the great minds and cultures of the ancients, down to Renaissance times, as gullible fools, because they recognized the power of Astrology as central to their lives.

This blind bias in many scientific, secular or “rational’ circles against any serious mention of “spiritual” or “the spirit”, anything suggesting there is a dimension and energy beyond physical forces, this dogmatic prejudice is unsustainable. Modern physics has already brilliantly revealed a dazzling physical realm so infinitely subtle it is virtually spiritual, with matter disappearing into the void, nothingness, and reappearing from the void: matter ultimately being created from nothing.


Author : – Astro. Anshul Sharma