What is a Yantra ?




In the Vedic astrology there are three method of healing process for every one daily life problem :-

1. Mantra
2. Tantra
3. Yantra


Mantra : – mantra is the source of energy to its own words. This method is so much effective. But it is long process or concentration of god or goddess.

Tantra : – tantra is the faster method of healing but this method is dangerous by some reasons due to little mistakes is dangerous or this method is not vegetarian.

At last we have only one method of healing is yantra on this time. This method is easy for everyone doing in short time and results are amazing .if you have trust in god.

Yantra : – yantra are mainly of three types :-

1. Physical and vastu yantra
2. Navgrah shanti yantra
3. Water dropping yantra

But I have a special energic healing system of yantra is related to the branch of water dropping yantra system which I have research so much time with my grand father’s books of old bhrigu smintha and other yantras books and pandu lipies . Then I find an old formula of healing daily life problems.



Devotion of god is very important for everyone who is use to these products. How soon can one expect to experience the benefits of wearing or water dropping yantra? These types of yantras usually take 45 days or 108 days but this is a conservative estimate. Some yantra’s activate results almost immediately if one’s karmic potential is ripe. Others work better over the long term, gradually but steadfastly increasing stages of blessings.

Good Fortune Yantra ( Structure )

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Yantra’s for prosperity and wealth are usually of this category. Hence patience is required. For example, the Saturn maha shakti yantra kit may or may not bestow immediate results but the patient person will eventually see benefits.


Author : – Astro. Anshul Sharma